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Dee's Gifted Hands Spa Boutique


Book any 3 body parts for waxing and receive 20% Off

Eyebrow wax, $10

Eyebrow tweeze, $7

Underarm, $20

Full arm, $40

Half arm, $30

Full leg, $50

Half leg, $35

Back, $50

Chest, $50

Lip, $10

Chin, Neck, or Sideburns, $10

Abdomen, $15

Lower back, $15

Swim line Bikini, $36

High Bikini, $50

Gifted Hands Waxing Services

Waxing cannot b performed on anyone using products Retina A, Accutane, etc., as skin can be more sensitive. If you are using any over the counter topical exfoliants, please advise your wax therapist.

Information about our Bikini Waxes

Swimsuit Line Bikini

This is a basic bikini waxing approx 2 inches on either side of the panty line.

High Bikini

This is a deeperSwim Line Bikini where approx 4 or more inches of hair is rem